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TCM is one of many educational institutions in Zhengzhou city, China. However, the culture and spirit of the university management, staff, and student body are exceptional.

Having spent a year teaching at the university during the 2010-11 period, I was treated to some wonderful and fulfilling times both with staff and students. This material has been adapted from the university English website. Teaching at TCM remains a highlight in my life.

A Brief Introduction of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (HUTCM),  founded in 1958, is one of the earlier established TCM institutes of higher education in China, and also one of the first educational institutes approved by the ADCSC (Academic Degree Committee of State Council) to award master’s degree in China. 
Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (HUTCM), comprises 12 schools: the School of Basic Medical Sciences, the School of TCM pharmacy. It has 6 affiliated hospitals, 12 research centers, and 91 teaching practice bases.
Among its over 2000 staff members, HUTCM has 632 full-time teachers including 253 professors, and associate professors, 278 supervisors of master's programs, 18 part-time supervisors of doctoral programs, and 95 of the teaching staff members were awarded doctoral degrees.
In its 50-year history, observing the traditional spirit of "inheritance and innovation”, HNTCM has worked to progress TCM training, to both meet the needs of modern education whilst preserving the integrity of TCM in the modern world. The university has trained 62 PhD and 2 122 Master postgraduates, and over 40 000 graduates. 

The institution has over 5000 academic theses published, including 1194 articles in core journals, 43 were collected in SCI、EI、ISTP,66 in MEDLINE, 611 in CSCD; 181 academic books (including translated books), 169 unified teaching courses, 12 jointly-compiled books were published; 41 patents were obtained.
The advancement of academic levels has resulted in 14 staff members holding posts of executive directors in first-level national academic associations, 3 chairpersons and 18 vice chairpersons in second-level academic associations, and 13 chairpersons in provincial academic associations.
Comprehensive external cooperation and academic exchanges are flourishing, including Harvard Medicinal School, Yale Medical School, Pharmaceutical Department of Kanazawa University, Hamamatsu Medical University and State Infection Syndrome Research Institute in Japan, as well as Taegu Korean Medicine University and other overseas institutes of education and medicine research centers.
Emphasizing quality training to promote student competence

HUTCM recruits foreign students and students from 29 provincial areas, also students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Currently, there are approximately 11,000 enrolled campus students. Since 1979, the university has granted over 2000 masters postgraduate degrees, over 1300 MA degrees. 
In 1992, th e university was approved by the Education Committee of Henan Province to recruit overseas students and students for further study. In 1994, approval by the Ministry of Education was granted to be one of the first 200 colleges and institutes to recruit overseas students as well as students from such areas as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and today there are 236 on-campus overseas students including both master and doctor undergraduates.  

In recent years, a large number of graduates from HUTCM have gone on to receive honors for their achievements, such as Wang Yishuo, awarded one of the "Nationwide Models of Morality” and "Top 10 College Students” in 2006; Bai Yunping, another TCM graduate was awarded the national "Stars among College Students”… These graduates, fully exemplify the fruitful achievements of HUTCM. 

                                                         Teacher Sun and students at TCM


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