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Me llamo Kallen

Me llamo Kallen

Hola! Mucho Gusto! Me llamo Kallen.”Hey,who is showing off poor spanish here?” ..em... Frankly, I don’t know what other spanish words I could use…

So let me introduce myself better in English!

There is a saying, "Yesterday is History.Tomorrow is a Mystery. But today is a Gift. That’s why it’s called the Present.” Casting my mind back to my yesterday,I can conclude with several key words from my unceasing interest list -- language, culture, communication, toastmasters, seeking Truth/Kindness/Beauty, exploring the potential.



I like learning languages, from which I could better understand different cultures. I have several pen pals from Mexico, Iran, India, South Africa etc. From cross-cultural communication, I become more open-minded than before. The learning of other cultures helps me to get comparison and figure out my own identity. I think the idea is also applicable for Zhengzhou city. The city is developing dramatically day by day, during the process, I think the city and its people need to have both open-minded attitude and self-reflection, in order to get the most suitable position in the Global Village.


Yesterday was gone, but it contributes to who I am right now. While getting sophisticated in some fields, I also have many shortcomings, the main ones are procrastination, lacking of detailed plans. I am trying hard to adjust the idle state..Currently I am a young mother, taking care of little baby while taking part-time jobs as a tutor. I regard both bringing-up children and teaching as two of my long-time careers, which are quite tiring but much worthwhile.


From the process, I get to know where the unconditional happiness comes from. Besides, I am getting more interested in designing and creative industry. I hope I can get in this field through learning new skills in the future and get creative lifestyle I dream of! 

I like both making friends and staying alone,the former makes me feel warm and get supportive relationship, the latter makes me think independently.


I often have self-talking in order to keep my mind clear, "Kallen, the biggest enemy and the closest friend are  both yourself.” ’You are walking along your own way, just try to get the special taste from life experience.” "Since that you are on your own way, take the slow yet firm step and go forward with the joyful heart!”  


  • Tomorrow..hmm.. it is a Mystery.But it's combined of uncountable ‘Nows’.
  • It is the most use of 'Nows' that makes our tomorrow brighter and brighter.


Dear friends, I'd like to share with you my favorite words with 'E' at last.

Embrace the change. Enjoy the diversity of life. Experience the power of now. Most important, Explore the furthest way we can reach on the life road.


Wish all of us good luck! ¡Buen viaje!





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21 06, 11 03:43

posted by: Josh

Kallen, I'm so impressed with your writing! Sally likes your photo so much too!

25 05, 12 06:06

posted by: Stephen

Good work Kallen to get Mr Shaw to tell his story online. I am sure there are many more to come ...

22 06, 11 01:57

posted by: Gil

Hi, you could always add:

And what is your name? --
Como te llamas? OR Cual es tu nombre? (if about the same age or younger than you) OR Cual es su nombre? (very formal to address an older person or someone you have never met before).

So I would say:

Me llamo Gil -- My name is Gil!


You are doing well!

23 06, 11 07:57

posted by: Kallen

Muchas Gracias Gil! Me llamo Kallen:)

24 06, 11 02:18

posted by: Stephen

Kallen, you write well and seem very clear in the way you see the world. Great to read your post. I think Zhengzhou Toastmasters is very lucky to have such dedicated thoughtful people like you to set the standard. Keep up the great work. s

25 05, 12 06:05

posted by: Stephen

This is a nice article Mr Shaw - I appreciate the challenge to learn a foreign language is big one - requiring a lot a dedicated effort - But what an amazing journey you have had - I didn't realize until now. Thank you. Very inspiring.

12 06, 13 08:56

posted by: Artur

Hi Kallen,
Long time no see, how are you?
I wanted to contact you but for some strange reasons I couldn't find your email address or mobile number in my contacts...Sorry, my carelessness!

Please send me a note so that I can reply.
My email is
My mobile number is 18638920275


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