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Steve and Penny

Steve and Penny

Congratulations on a great website! We visited Zhengzhou in 1978, 1980, and 2007. It is stunning to see the rapid growth and development! Now, Chinese teachers from Henan Province have become a big part of our world in southern Oregon. So, thanks for the website promoting Zhengzhou and the "Cradle of Chinese Civilization" in the Yellow River valley. Steve and Penny Thorpe (Ashland, Oregon)  

Gewei pengyou!  We are very happy to see this website which introduces Zhengzhou and Henan Province to people from other countries and and which introduces Zhengzhou people to folks from all around the world.  

We are Steve and Penny Thorpe, and we live in Ashland, Oregon located in the Pacific Northwest section of the USA.  In 1979-1981, we lived in China (Kunming, Yunnan Province), and we visited Henan Province in 1980 when China was just beginning its period of rapid development.

Steve and Penny 2007
We have continued our connections with Yunnan and developed connections in other areas of China over the years.  Steve has led education tours to China many times, and in 2007 he was was pleased to revisit the famous cities and sights of the Yellow River valley.  It was very exciting to see the tremendous growth and energy of Zhengzhou.  The Chinese investment in university campuses and pre-collegiate school campuses is a stunning tribute to the forward thinking in China today.  Visitors to the "Zhengzhou Connections" website can get a glimpse of the exciting new developments in the city and the attractions in the area. 
Since Steve has a strong interest in Chinese history, he also made special trips to historical sites in Kaifeng, Luoyang, and the Shaolin Temple.  As a starter for your historical and cultural tour of Zhengzhou and the surrounding area, we highly recommend the Henan Provincial Museum which is featured in the "Arts and Culture" section of the "Zhengzhou Connections" website.
Steve and Penny Kunming 1980

Back in our home in Ashland, Oregon, it has been our privilege to get to know several Chinese teachers from  Zhengzhou and Henan Province.  These teachers have been part of the Hanban group who have come to southern Oregon to teach Mandarin and Chinese culture at the middle school, senior high school, and university levels.  In the 2010-2011 school year, there were 7 Chinese teachers in southern Oregon.  This group will be expanded to 9 teachers for the 2011-2012 school year.  This Hanban-supported program is a very positive exchange, and as a result more people in Oregon are learning about Zhengzhou and China.  At the same time, the Chinese teachers get to know us.
Steve is a professor of education and history at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon, and Penny works in the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Southern Oregon University.  We encourage Oregonians and all international people to visit Zhengzhou and Henan Province because it is the "Cradle of Chinese Civilization" and it is a dynamic center of development in the new China.  We would be glad to meet any Chinese visitors to Ashland or students from Zhengzhou who may be coming to southern Oregon.


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21 07, 11 02:20

posted by: connie kang

Yeah, hope can be Oregon someday

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