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Da Qing Hua Jiao Zi Restaurant 大清花饺子馆

Da Qing Hua Jiao Zi Restaurant 大清花饺子馆

A great place for dumplings, Northeast Chinese cuisine, and a "rustic" ambiance!

Address: No. 22 Fengchang Rd., Zhengzhou, Henan

Da Qing Hua


Da Qing Hua dumpling restaurant is a family founded establishment originally opened by the Wu family from Shandong province. This family restaurant is well known among local residents for its good food, so arriving a little early to make sure there are free tables is a wise idea.


Menu and Food:

The menu here is convenient for foreigners at all levels of Chinese ability as 90% of the menu has English translations for the dishes except for the list of dumplings at the end of the menu.  Scattered throughout the menu are dishes that have been labelled as "Manager’s Choices” (in English), including their random filling dumplings. These dishes come highly recommended both by the waiters/waitresses and previous customers.


Prices at Da Qing Hua are quite reasonable with the average price ranging from 15 yuan to 30 yuan depending on the dish ordered (jiaozi tend to be around 15 yuan average).










Location and Ambience:

Da Qing Hua is located on Feng Chan Rd. between Wen Hua Rd. and Jing Qi Rd. This restaurant stands out from its neighbours with its rustic themed exteriors lined with cannons. The rustic theme is carried inside where the tables are made of thick beams of wood and the stools are wooden stumps. The rustic décor is continued with racks of antique style spears lining the walls and portraits of the family heads on the wall.


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