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Zhengzhou Creative Industry Center---郑州创意产业园区

Zhengzhou Creative Industry Center---郑州创意产业园区

Address: No.2 Zhongzhou Avenue( across from foresty park)

Zhengzhou Creative Industry Center (also called 107 Design Center) is located on Zhongzhou Avenue, Jinshui district. To the east of the center is the Central Business District of Zhengzhou, and to the west is Henan Television Station and several colleges, examples of the good location and resources available for the development of the center.


                                                                              zz design center


According to Zhengzhou City Strategic Planning, the design center includes three projects in total. Supported by Jingshui District and the Henan Provincial government, the industrial center received a 7 million dollar investment for the first project, and the main building was built in 2009.


After two years in development, the center currently has attracted more than 40 companies and enterprises to settle in.  These companies are from a variety of fields, covering advertisement, design, consulting, multi-media production, and animation, to name a few.


The second and third projects are under construction.  Right now the design center is looking for investors, new companies, and individuals.  After all three projects finished, the industry center will play more and more important roles as an platform for culturally related businesses, and for the benefit of zhengzhou citizens.



With Jinshui governmental support and market-oriented operation,the design center is becoming the first and original creative industry featured as design and fashion for Henan province,with its goal of being one of the most popular design centers in Central China and other cities.


Currently,the center is registered with Zhengzhou Tourism Bureau.  It will become a cultural landmark in Zhengzhou very soon. (For the Chinese website, please visit






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