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Spring Festival Celebration in Zhengzhou

Spring Festival Celebration in Zhengzhou

If you are living in Zhengzhou and want to experience the Spring Festival celebration with Henan folk culture, read on about the activities in this post to help you immerse yourself in the festival atmosphere!  

Spring Festival is the most important traditional holiday in China and it is on its way! There are many customs that Chinese people have for the festival. People, together with their families, make dumplings, put up couplets and "FU" (blessings) character, light fire crackers, give New Year's money and new clothes to children, to name a few. Besides,visiting festival temple fair is one of the traditional activities many people would take during the holiday. If you are living in Zhengzhou and want to experience the way of celebration with henan folk culture, come to the following activities and immerse yourself in the festival atmosphere!
2012 Zhengzhou Lantern Show 
Place: Zhengzhou Greenery Theme Park
Date: From Jan.19 till Feb.23
Add.: Zhengkai Avenue Ren Wen Rd
High point: Six different types of lanterns,combining with flower exhibition of Tulip,moth orchid
and folk culture exhibition during Spring Festival.
2012 Spring Festival Temple Fair with henan folk culture
Places: 1. Henan Cheng Huang Temple(on ShangCheng Rd),
2. Henan Wen Miao (intersection between Dongda Street and 
Chengdong Rd),3. Henan Jinlu Ostrich Park(15th South Main Street)
Date: From Jan.23 till Feb.07
Opening Time:8:30---5:30
High point: Lion Dance, Lantern Riddles,folk performances etc.


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