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centuried snacks, centuried favorites

centuried snacks,  centuried favorites

i found i have no gift to write attractively when i began. I love this place where i was born. The following "articles" are more like tips, hints and clues, which would be helpful for a foreigner to investigate the typical Chinese city, and meanwhile, which could reflex a local wordless understanding for the town.


Americans, hamburger. Zhengzhou people, huimian.

Huimian, Hui noodles.
there are millions of huimian cookshops in zz, and each of them can give you another different story about the origin, from the only female emperor in Tang Dynasty thoughout the whole history of China, to old man lived besides the Yellow River in anti-japanses war.
why the cooks are proud about their huimian?
because the soup is from my great grandfather's great grandfather! 
The most famous restaurants(not cookshops): Heji Huimian, Xiaoji Huimian. use goole translater or type "合记烩面"or"萧记烩面”in Baidu or Google map to find the chainstore near you.
Besides zongzi, what's yummy on the dragon boat festival?
the most widely accepted origin of Duan Wu festival(the dragon boat festival)among millions is to commemorate Qu Yuan,the patriotic poet more than 2000 years ago. The poet carried a
large stone and jumped into the Miluo River ,killing himself instead of being a slave losing one's motherland.
people lived besides the river took dragon boat to save him but failed. Then they threw zongzi (my translater software translates zongzi into chinese rice-pudding, my god...)into the river to feed the fish and not to eat the body of the poet.
in zhengzhou,besides zongzi, we love "麻叶"Ma Ye(flour,fried,
with sesame,leaf shaped).In Chinese,麻=sesame,叶=leaf.
Shaolin Su Zhai, the art of non-meat
In China, most monks are vegetarian,except for the Kongfu monks in Shaolin Temple. After Li Shiming became the first emporer in Tang
Dynasty, he ordered to allow the Kongfu monks in Shaolin Temple eating meat, because 13 stick-Kongfu monks had saved his life before.
Anyway, Su Zhai(vegetarian diet)is  distinguished art of non-meat in Shaolin Temple.--because we have Doufu (beancurd)!
Cookshops and restaurants near Shaolin Temple offers Su Zhai, one of my favorite cookshop is Shaolin Huang Xi Di(means place of
happiness, the 41st bodhisattva training level among the 54).

Neighbours', ours.
As the capital of Henan province and an influential city in the central/northern part of China, millions of snacks originate from nearby cities and provinces root and boom here.
Bai Ji Mo
the hamburger-like pie from Shangxi province, our western's always in my dream. i'm more than lovin' it.
La Mian("La" means drawing, drawing, drawing... to make the flour paste become loooooong and thiiiiiiiin noodles)
La noodle from Lanzhou city, our far norhtwest neighbour.when i was a teenager i ate 2 bowls each time!
Hu La Tang
spicy Muslim soup from Xihua town, our eastern neighbour,from Song Dynasty. Different legends(the monk,the eunuch,the prime minister in Song Dynasty), the same taste.
Ji Dan Guan Bing
egg-in-pocket-pie.from Xinyang city, our southern neighbour. my favourate breakfast and night snack.
it is said that an old man had stories about every single thing in his house. Zhengzhou has various centried snacks just because China has a long history.i searched my tongue then write down these clues and hope you like them.



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30 05, 12 02:20

posted by: Stephen

Great contribution - I love your suggestions for eating out - When next in Zhengzhou - I will check out some of these places - Thank you

ZZConnect 31 05, 12 01:21

posted by: ZZConnect

thanks Stephen, i feel happy that you enjoy it. Actually, most of the snacks were cooked at home at the very beginning("home" means traditional big Chinese family,not nuclear family nowadays ), until commercially producing recent years.That's why i didn't post it in the category of "Eating out". (posted on behalf of Siren)

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