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Henan Province is considered the cradle of Chinese civilization due to its location on the Yellow River. Henan means 'south of the river', and because of its proximity to the Yellow River, some of the earliest human settlements have been unearthed here, including Shang Dynasty remains and the 'oracle bones', which are some of the earliest known examples of Chinese writing. The saying goes that to know Henan history is to know the history of China.  

Zhengzhou may not be a name that most people recognize outside of China, but it is a city that is quickly making a name for itself as a regional economic and cultural destination.

Zhengzhou is a transportation hub due to its central location in China, and is the capital of one of the most important agricultural regions in the country.

Henan Province's economy is bolstered by industries such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and textiles, among others.  Henan Province is one of the largest wheat growing regions in China, and in addition grows cotton and corn.  Coal and other minerals are also mined here, making coal and coal power a pillar of the local economy.


Zhengzhou is quickly becoming a destination for international business and trade opportunities.  It is the site of the Zhengzhou Commodities Exchange, the national commodities exchange of China and one of only 3 future exchanges in the country (in addition to the Shanghai Future Exchange and Dalian Commodity Exchange).

In addition, Zhengzhou has several key economic development zones, such as the New and High-Tech Industries Development Zone, the Economic and Technological Development Zone, and the Export Processing Zone, all of which highlight the forward-looking nature of the city.  Zhengzhou also has the Zhengzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center, and regularly holds conventions related to a variety of fields.


Henan is notable for its long and impressive history.  Some of the earliest civilizations in China originated in what is now Henan.  In addition, the cities of Luoyang and Kaifeng were both capitals of China at different times and across different dynasties.

Places such as the Longmen Caves and White Horse Temple in Luoyang draw thousands of tourists every year, while the Shaolin Temple, famous for its style of Kung Fu, is only an hour or so from Zhengzhou.  Other places of interest include Anyang, whose museums display bronze work from the earliest civilizations in China, in addition to providing information on the history of Chinese writing, from the earliest Oracle Bones to the simplification of Chinese Characters in modern times.


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