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The FOUR Human Emotions of Marketing



Target Marketing to the FOUR Human Emotions by knowing the person's Birth Card.

As a New Homes Counselor (one notch above a used car salesman) I was instructed to classify my prospective home buyers as Tigers, Lambs, Owls or Bulls to better appeal to their human emotions, If the husband was a Bull, the wife most often was supposed to be the opposite, the Lamb. Or a Tiger wife would be accompanied by her Owl husband.I always wondered how best to identify who was who? Today,I'd tell them I'm a fortune-teller and I need to know their birthday, to best help them buy a new home.

  Image result for owl images 

Clubs are the Owls like Deng Xiao Ping, Wen Jiabao and Bill Clinton

Contentment - to minimize harm and probability of bodily destruction. 


 Image result for lamb images

Hearts are the Lambs like Mao, Hu Jintao and Hillary Clinton

Nurturance - to facilitate familial and social bonding


 Image result for bull images

Spades are the Bulls like Nixon, Zhou Enlai and Reagan

Seeking - to reward curiosity, survival abilities, achievement and excitement about achieving the desired goals 

 Image result for tiger images 

Diamonds are the Tigers like Obama, Putin and Xi Jinping

Assertiveness - to overcome restrictions on freedom of action


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