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My Epiphany Sofa



Moving is a good thing, every now and then you should go live somewhere else. "That prophet in is home town,” saying is true. After six years in Zhengzhou it became apparent that my Toastmasters’ colleagues had heard all my goat’s milk stories way, too many times. It felt like they kept wanting to click-on my Netflix: "New Arrivals” button. Teg, a change of scenery would do you good. Fortunately, Jane Marie got me up off of my countryside couch and shipped us off to the seaside city of Yantai, Shandong Province.

When I was giving my Middle Kingdom-On The Way-Yellow River farewell speech, I didn't say one word about goat’s milk but I had this epiphany about half way through; I was talking to my own choir. Earlier in the year, I rehearsed my "Finding My Dharma” speech for the Qingdao division speech contest and after the delivery, Sufei said she liked the unrehearsed version – it was more attractive.


I’m getting that Obama feeling, is there more after, "Hello Chicago.” Or, well Steve Jobs what can you tell us at the next Stanford commencement – we already heard about getting fired and your calligraphy class. I get a lot of chances to reflect in China – no read, no speak, no listen – one major language, Chinese and leaving Zhengzhou I had to give up my day job. Now I can epiphany away, all day. The life of an expat is ideal, especially if you don’t have to work. So, right now I am in a kind of in a "If money were no object what would you do?” state of euphoria.

The infinite organizing power has called "Finding My Dharma” bluff; just as if the genie appeared and said okay tegory what are your three wishes?  I reread my fortune according to Gary Goldschneider’s books, "The Secret Language of BIRTHDAYS” and "The Secret Language of DESTINY” to get some suggestions for my three wishes, after all, l at seventy and eleven months these might be my last go for "Finding My Dharma.”


First: "September 13 people have a great biological need to share their life with an understanding mate or partner who is capable of completely accepting them, along with all their foibles.” 


Truer words were never said and Jane Marie Kennedy is definitely the answer to my astrological forecast. Goldschneider goes on to say, "


They are also capable of serving the other person well, but may be torn between devotion and their own personal needs.”


I double lucked out in Jane Marie’s case because in addition to accepting all my foibles she believes in the efficacy of Toastmasters, especially the Gavel club format.

Second: "September 13 people after separation, divorce or death of a mate, will invariably strike off on their own with great energy, but may also carry on work shared with their original partner.”


Shelby Ann Brown is the source of all my goat’s milk stories, and my desire. to save the world by helping family farmers get rich. "


There are only two kinds of healthy body types in America; rich white women and poor black men” - The Atlantic Monthly.


Upward mobility China has gone from 4% overweight in 2005 to 25% in 2012. In both countries the individual farm family seldom, if ever, gets a cut of the Whole Foods market.


Genie my second wish is introduce the concept of Agricultural Social Entrepreneurship.

Third: Using astrology as a psychometric tool for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. I know that’s a lot of psycho’s but it makes sense to my choir and that’s what "Finding My Dharma” is all about. 


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9 08, 14 10:38

posted by: Kallen

Teg, what's the specific meaning of "Agricultural Social Entrepreneurship"? I once told several OTW Toastmasters friends in a chat that, it's a wonderful feeling for me to help others' dreams come true, specially the dream is related much to the benefit of the society :)
You're a qualified analyst~

9 08, 14 11:06

posted by: Kallen

All I want to say is, You have all my support~ Anytime you think I could
assist you to do sth related to these wishes, pls feel free to contact!
Thanks for your consistent writing for zzconnect!

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