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ON THE WAY Toastmasters every Friday Night

Venue: 经三路农科与路交叉口金城国际A座21楼
The English Way School, Jingcheng International Building A, Floor 21
Jingsan Lu and Nongke Lu

When Jane Marie and I visited Addis Ababa we of course checked out the Friday night Toastmasters club. The Jupiter Toastmasters members meet afterwards at a nearby cafe. This particular evening the Ethiopian 2008 & 2012 Olympic 10,000 meter gold medalist Tirunesh Dibaba. won again in the World Games.

 Neither Jane or I, sad to say, had ever heard of Tirunesh, but the Jupiter Toastmasters club experience was definitely the highlight of our two week tour of Addis, Lalibella, Dire Dawa and Bahir Dhar. Why? Because we made friendships that through Facebook continue to the present day, we got to understand the culture a little from their speeches and a lot more from two hours of socialization.
Zhengzhou, the fastest growing city in Asia, has become the business center of Mainland China, a future Sao Paulo, or Chicago without a lake. Now, you have a city of 12 million people, 300 Americans (also people), in the middle of China's central plains with no place to go on Friday night. The tourist stuff is two hours away in Xi'an or an hour to Kaifeng, there is no cutesy-wutesy historic tourist district for hanging-out in coffee shops, bars or restaurants.
When I got here in 2008, Middle Kingdom Toastmasters was it - a five star meeting venue in the Sofitel Hotel, every Monday night - since then Zhengzhou's extra-curricular activity has moved east along Jinshui Road to the 360 Mall, Manhattan and the CBD. But until On The Way  there was no place to meet people, especially the twelve million indigenous personnel. save random encounters at the Tao or Target  bars or drive-by sightings at a Starbucks.
On The Way started out in 2010, on the far away main campus of Zhengzhou University. In 2012, it morphed into Yellow River Toastmasters on Thursday nights at the South (Old Main) campus of the University, while On The Way headed to the Manhattan, Jinshui & Weilai, area and meets ever Friday night at the Manhattan Business Square -- The English Way Learning School.
Whether you're in town a few days or you've been wanting a more substantive form of socialization, please contact the club and let them know you're coming.

On The Way:  Gilberto Mundaca


Yellow River: Henry Clay Williams


Middle Kingdom: David Tian



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