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Your Goats Have Human Souls



Utku asked me if I was a Christian, which gave me the Clintonian chance to rap about my childhood Christian ‘cult’ experience. According to the litmus test of one’s Christianity you had to accept the Bible as the word of God, that Jesus died for your sins, and you definitely weren’t going to get into heaven unless you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. I never heard of the five elements of Christian faith until my fifties, only then did I understand why Christian Scientists were listed as members of a cult.

Growing up all I ever heard was, "you don’t believe in doctors,” or the more eloquent comment, "You believe in mind over matter.” When my mid-life crisis kicked in, my mind was having doubts over the matter of homelessness. I listened to the tapes of Deepak Chopra, read and reread his Seven Spiritual Laws believing that "we are spiritual beings living a human experience.” However, when my wife gave me her Louise Hay book, "Heal Your Body,” I knew I had found the answer to my Christian Cult Confusion – meta-physics.

I told Utku, the spokesperson for the ESL training school here in Antalya, Christian Science was an early form of meta-physics, based on the healing stories in the Bible. Pretty impressive job for a lady in 1865 and updated 100 years later by another lady, Louise Hay.


However, after my wife died I visited an Indian psychic who sparked my interest in the occult. This guy read pictures and remarked that, "Your goats have human souls.” His explanations of karma, dharma and reincarnation jived with everything in my spiritual being’s human experience. The only disturbing item was his conversion from Buddhism to Christianity.


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