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Diabetes Is a Cash Cow



I credit my full-blood Irishman neighbor for the title which sums up the WHY of all the world’s ills – soil-mismanagement. Hard to believe all 19 Republican Presidential candidates claim climate change is not a problem but Obamacare is. Now that the Supreme Court has declared that Obama, the Democrats and two-thirds of the US population are inside the paint on health care and gay marriage the body politic can move on to immigration, race, jobs and income disparity. All the while, 65 million year old dinosaurs are rolling over in their Jurassic Park graves yelling ‘Gotcha!’

Elizabeth Warren, the Democrats and every adult who can read a newspaper knows the real problem is ‘Crony Capitalism’ on Wall Street and the halls of Congress. Hillary Clinton and the 19 Republican presidential candidates are challenged to speak on this topic with any sense of authenticity because they are all beholden to ‘Crony Capitalism.’ Everybody knows that the Republicans are capitalist pigs who make all the money that allows the Santa Claus Democrats the opportunity to give it all away to those who didn’t earn it. Eisenhower is no longer at ‘parade rest’ in Kansas but ghost-texting about the "military-industrial complex.’

Ike, had and has it wrong it’s the ‘agricultural-industrial complex’ that drives ‘Crony Capitalism’ to exploit the world’s supply of food through soil-mismanagement, thereby creating climate change, income disparity, mass migration, over-population, malnutrition and economic apocalypse. In the US we say that California is the US seven years from now. 2023 is not looking too good based on the ‘agricultural-industrial complex’ soil-mismanagement practices in the Golden State. Henry Fonda is going to dig up his star on Hollywood Boulevard and head back to Elizabeth Warren’s home state Oklahoma. What’s really scary about the big ’D’ is California produces 85% of the world’s almonds. This could mean that even the Vegan-Vegetarians could starve to death.

Our well has run dry, WHY? That’s right, ‘Crony Capitalism.’ Not on Wall Street or the halls of Congress but in the land of the free and home of the brave. How can that be? Soil-mismanagement of course. Marx said don’t let the individual farmer manage the soil or he’ll exploit the land for profit today and let the next guy deal with it. Stalin took Marx up on it and collectivized 70 million Ukrainians into extinction. Mao 30 years after Stalin, did the same to 45 million Chinese. Everyone knows that the Commies were bad and Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ of Capitalism would protect food production in America.


Industrialized agriculture in the US has created 300 million malnourished Americans and untold copy-cat victims overseas. China long ago hacked USA Ag and today make their own GMO crops. In 2004 only 4% of the Chinese were fat now it's 25% and as an add-on benefit China has 27% of all the diagnosed cases of diabetes.


The unintended consequences of Capitalist farming got it's start in 1905 when Proctor & Gamble reinvented margerine, then followed that creation with Cyrsco in 1910. Henry Ford peppered the countryside with Farmall tractors after WWI, Teddy Roosevelt forbid the sale of raw milk in 1912, some gearhead homogenized it in 1937, Ultra-Pasturization came along later to make sure that Mother Nature's most perfect product was dead on arrival. McDonald's standardized their burgers on grain fed feedlot cattle and french fries on the Luther Burbank russet potato. Of course Monsanto came a cropping throwing the entire world under the "trust us we know what we are doing" bus.


The "invisible hand" is the hand that feeds us and obviously they are not about to do anything about it. But don't worry Mother nature does know what she's doing and she has chosen California as her bellweather state.



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