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The July 25th 'WRITER'S Card'


 "Joe" Kennedy Jr. 

Joseph Patrick "Joe" Kennedy Jr. was a United States Navy lieutenant. He was killed in action while serving as a land-based patrol bomber pilot in World War II and was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross. July 25, 1915, Brookline, Massachusetts. 


Between Rounds by Thomas Eakins Pinned by Brian Terry, Artwork of Men
Thomas Eakins (painter)


 Three  of Clubs: Uncertainty in Beliefs

The THREE three of clubs of Clubs the 'WRITER'S Card': The creativity in this card can manifest in many ways. On the high side, these people can be highly successful writers, teachers or performers. On the low side, they can worry, become indecisive and spend their time on frivolous activities. Even among the most successful (3c) we find worry and indecision as more-or-less constant themes in their life. Success in life always depends upon the individual and how they use their God given gifts and abilities. (3c) are gifted but their fear of poverty may entice them into using their creativity in questionable ways. If this happens, they seldom get away with it. They make great salespeople and propagandists, but they are ineffective until they decide upon one philosophy and stand behind it. This is one of the strongest business cards.

Karma for the  of Clubs: Faith
Their king of diamonds KING of Diamonds second Karma Card gifts them with natural business ability.
They gravitate toward big money and big business and can easily position themselves in leadership wherever they work. The five of diamonds FIVE of Diamonds first Karma Card, however, causes them to choose occupations where their freedom is not hampered too much. Thus, they will often choose to work for themselves or to freelance.

Open Loop Limbic System




THREE three of clubs of Clubs BIRTHDAYS: May 29 (Gemini), June 27 (Cancer), July 25 (Leo), August 23 (Leo-Virgo), September 21 (Virgo), October 19 (Libra), November 17 (Scorpio), December 15 
FAMOUS THREE three of clubs of Clubs 

Stephen King

Walter Payton

Tarot of the Renaissance - Three of Wands
THREE  of Clubs (Wands) in Tarot


CANCER-LEO 19th to 25th of July



Maxfield Parrish


CANCER-LEO   Maxfield Parrish

The July 25th 'WRITER'S Card' – The Jack of Clubs Club
The July 25th  'WRITER'S Card'

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