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After being forced from my marital nest I cast my sense of belonging net over a wide swath of clubs for self-improvement, self-serving and serving other selves. The range of my search for self-actualization spanned the gatherings of Alcoholics Anonymous, Kiwanis, Lions, Toastmasters, Rotary and even the Optimists club.

Now, re-martially nested just behind the front-lines of World War III, I am ever-more attuned to socio-economic world events. My take-away from living seven years in China is not even the Chinese know what’s going on in China. As in China, I am an illiterate in Turkey and rely on a once a month info-dump from my English speaking landlord.

When asked if I was going to vote, I said that I already had spent $27 twice for Bernie. As a program chair for Kiwanis and Lions, clubs I eagerly sought out political office seekers to speak at our breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings. If I was still in the business of rounding up speakers for my club, I'm sure the events would be more contentious than ever.

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Choice in politics always meant "the lesser of two evils” or "better the devil you know.” The Clinton-Trump dilemma hearkens back to the 1954 Los Angeles Optimists club meeting pictured above. An updated version might read; "why worry about it we’re already broke.”


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