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Why pay this guy $15 for a gallon of milk when you can go to Wal-Mart and grab a Great Value jug for just $2.89? Truth is you need his raw – not pasteurized, not homogenized – goat’s milk more than he needs your money.

First, that gallon jug of Ultra-high temperature processed (UHT) Wal-Mart milk contains zero digestible nutrients that the body can assimilate. If you UHT’d your goldfish bowl, the fish would remain with an extremely reduced level of nourishment. If you took the little deceased fishes out of the bowl and homogenized them into equally sized bits of fish meal you would still be nutritionally ahead.

Second, the farmer did not destroy a single square inch of the Earth’s crust with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or GMO crops. Rather, he enhanced his acreage with year-round ground cover of 100% all natural forage made increasingly fertile by livestock waste.

Third, the American dairy industry has been a nationalized monopoly since the 1930’s. Further, the public was prohibited from buying real milk after Teddy Roosevelt’s 1912 Pasteurization Act. The U.S. dairy program, administered through federal and state governments, subsidizes milk production and regulates dairy prices. The current system costs taxpayers more than $4 billion per year in subsidies and adds millions of dollars to the grocery bills of American consumers and to the costs of food product manufacturers.

All Famines Are Political 

Why would our government outlaw raw dairy, then spend billions to ensure that its citizens got only non-nutritional, indigestible, unhealthy and dead as a doornail dairy products? Good question! Answers: the road to the malnourished is paved with good intentions, the law of unintended consequences, and we have to support the farmers. People don't go hungry unless their politics and system of governance forces them too. The Law of Unintended Consequences works disastrously well under Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Democracies, and Dictatorships.

Almost, 250 years ago Adam Smith, the father of modern economics declared that"Agriculture, the Produce of the Land, is the SOLE or the PRINCIPAL Source of the Revenue and Wealth of every Country.” Smith went on to describe the four reasons why the farmer would fail and the people would go hungry.

1) Soil Husbandry:"the neglect of cultivation and improvement”

2) Subsidies & Tariffs"the fall in the real price of any part of the rude produce of land”

§                    3)  Equipment, Seeds & Fertilizer the rise in the real price of manufactures”

      4) Devalued Currency, the declension of the real wealth of the society

All four tend to lower the real rent of land, to reduce the real wealth of the landlord,to diminish his power of purchasing either the labor, or the produce of the labor of other people.




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Raw milk sold in stores




Stryk Jersey Farm

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