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Bernie MacIntyre, the Principal of the Henan Experimental School is from Newfoundland, Canada. Kathryn 'V' (her surname was always a challenge) is from Santa Barbara and started her 'laowai' ESL career at Zhengzhou Foreign Language Middle School in the Fall of  2009. Teaching English as a second language is the major 'laowai' occupation in China which lends a sense of community for 300 foreigners working in a city of 12 million Chinese. So, soon Bernie met Kathryn and Kathryn met Bernie and they got married this June in Newfoundland. People from way up there in the northeast of Canada are called Newfie's. We're all happy that now Kathryn 'V' is Kathryn MacIntyre and we can easily pronounce her surname. Does Kathryn's marriage to Bernie enable her to receive the honorific Newfie designation. The newlyweds are pictured here poolside at the 3rd year anniversary party for Zax BBQ.
I think this is the last year in China and they plan on returning to Newfie land. I've never been there but I'm in love with the real Newfies  The livestock guard dogs are bred to protect the sheep from the big bad wolves. They are gorgeous and approachable in spite of  their size, unless of course you're a "Wild Thing." But the coolest thing, is that the Newfie is a Newfie, not a double name or a generic moniker, e.g. a German Shepard, American Bald Eagle, Tibetan Mastiff, Canadian Loonie. But even better that that the people are named after the dog, not the other way around.
Congratulations and best wishes to Kathryn & Bernie MacIntyre, our Newfie Newlyweds.


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