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Home-style Henan Cuisine

电话:0371—65850888 65850088
Address: Jinshui and Yinxie Street Intersection (200 meters South)
Tel.: 0371—65850888 65850088

Henan Awu Delicious Food is a national chain restaurant, and a well recognized trademark in China and even abroad. The main delicacies are new style Henan-flavor and fine home-style dishes. Each dish developed displays Henan Cuisine, that is, "a blending of five flavors and a mildness of flavor".  Focused on promoting a healthy diet, Awu uses only the highest quality ingredients, avoiding food additives, MSG and other chemicals. 
The restaurant offers a large variety of dishes, introducing new selections every month and discounts every day!  Recommendations include Awu Tofu, Fried Rice, Simmered Vegetarian Delicacies in a Jar, Braised Fried Chicken in Sauce or Sweet & Sour Spareribs, and my personal favourite,  Sauteed Shelled Shrimp with Tomato Sauce. Enjoy these unique home -style dishes in a cozy traditional Chinese atmosphere with friendly service. 

电话:0371—65850888  65850088
Address:  Jinshui and Yinxie Street Intersection (200 meters South)
Tel.: 0371—65850888  65850088


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