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Black-Bone Chicken Soup by Olena Polischuk

Black-Bone Chicken Soup by Olena Polischuk

Olena introduces a recipe that is as good for your health as it is tasty, while also sharing a bit about the traditional Chinese views on the relationship between food and medicine.  

If you are a foreigner who has spent any time living in China and experienced dining with Chinese colleagues and friends around the big circular restaurant tables, then you have noticed that Chinese people pay more than a lot of attention to what they eat. When you attempt to say that you are full to the gills, just plain stuffed, and overwhelmed with the big variety of dishes, they insist unrelentingly that eating even more food is good for your health, your good looks, and will be better for you.

Black-Bone Chicken Soup 

This is no accident, since from very ancient times Chinese people traditionally believed in the medicinal value of food, and that food and medicine shared the same origin. Chinese divide all food on the basis of Yin and Yang, meaning Cold and Hot, the balance of which is so essential to achieving harmony in body and soul!

If you are a big fan of Chinese cooking and want to preserve or even improve your health through very simple and economical cooking at home, I have a recipe fit for a king recipe that I want to share with you!


This recipe is known as an "anti-aging” dish.  It contains antioxidants and vitamins, plus melanin, which can improve your health and prolong your life!  The ingredients listed below also have medicinal properties of their own, but feel free to experiment by adding other ingredients of your choice for a bit of originality!


Delicious Black - Bone Chicken Soup


l  1 regular black chicken

l  5g ginseng root

l  10 red dates

l   3 tbsp. gouqi berries (枸杞)

l   2 pieces of old ginger

l   2 tbsp. garlic

If you want to have a tastier, creamier soup then add:

l  20 g Chinese yam

l   1 carrot


l   2 tsp. salt

l   5 tbsp. rice wine


1. Wash and clean the black chicken

2. Parboil on gentle heat for 5 minutes

3. Place the black chicken, Chinese yam/ carrot, gouqi berries, red dates, ginger & rice wine into a ceramic double boiler bowl (you may find them in any Asian Supermarket or borrow from your Chinese neighbors!)

4. Add in enough water to cover the ingredients

5. Cover the BOWL and seal with cling wrap

6. Bring the pot to a boil and lower heat to simmer for 2-5 hours

Remove from heat and add seasonings before serving!  Serves 4 people.

Note:  One black chicken costs about 20 to 22 RMB. The Chinese yam, carrot, and dates will cost you around 10 RMB! The total cost of the soup should be about 30 to 35 RMB!  Bon Appétit! Zhu Nin Wei Kou Hao!


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