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You Can Make Yourself Happier Easily

You Can Make Yourself Happier Easily

This is a true study which shows how easily you can increase your happiness level threefold without spending money.

Study of impact of Physical Education class in college level on participants’ happiness perception (level)


We investigated the interrelationship between random physical education classes in college and happiness level of the participating students before and after the class.At the end of the before-and-after-class study, after putting together data from questionnaires from all the classes, we discovered that College PE classes maintain and increase the happiness level of both very happy and quite happy people; not very happy participants become quite happy, meanwhile unhappy people stay unhappy

Keywords: PE college class, happiness, very happy, quite happy, not very happy, not happy at all, before and after class
In college PE classes the main attention has always been paid to the physical shape and health of the students and the impact of physical conditions on their academic studies.No research has been done so far in China to evaluate the role of physical activities in students’ mood and their perception of well-being.In our opinion, if we want the students to achieve higher academic and social goals they need not only healthy bodies but also healthy and happy spirits. Of course the concept of happiness is quite complicated and numerous aspects are involved. This study is just a trial to shed light on the relationship between physical activities and perception of "happiness” at a college PE class level. 

Based on our previous observation and experience in teaching PE, we had hypnotized that PE classes increase the students’ mood and give them a feeling of well-being.We decided to conduct a survey as an observational study to prove or reject this hypothesis without trying to discuss the core reasons for the outcome. This study is statistically significant given the large number of participants. We were interested only in the mood swing before and after the class regardless the students’ major, age, origin, gender, personal life or other individual differences.We also don’t know how long this mood change would last and weather it would come back later by just recalling the experiences during the class or not.

The study was done at Henan Agricultural University in Zhengzhou. Total number of students surveyed was 565. One class lasted for 90 minutes, the participants ages vary between 18 and 22, both males and females.We decided to adopt the survey system used by the World Values Survey in 1999-2001 Happiness Study.We printed out questionnaires and divided them divided into four categories as follows1.   Very happy2.   Quite happy3.   Not Very Happy4.   Not Happy at All We decided to investigate nine classes, namely Aerobics ( 77 participants ), Lawn Tennis ( 59 ), Dance ( 56 ), Volleyball ( 36 ), Soccer ( 54 ), Soft Dance ( 83 ), Wu Shu ( 52 ), Basketball ( 63 Grade One ), Basketball ( 84 Grade Two ).We asked the participants’ to tick in the bar in the questionnaire which would most closely reflect their inner spiritual state right before the class.We repeated the same procedure right after they finished the class before leaving the playground.The participants weren’t required to input their names or any personal information and they weren’t required to give any explanation regarding their emotions and reasons.

We were familiar with a study by World Values Survey which found out that the average Happiness Level (percentage of Very Happy people) for the modern Chinese society amounted to 25%.In our case, the same happiness level before the class was established at 15%, much lower than the average level in the country, but after the class the happiness level rose up to 45.66%.The comparatively low happiness level before the class and the threefold rise after the class was truly stunning, it surpassed all our expectations.For comparison, according to the above-mentioned study the average happiness index in Iceland was 42%, the US - 39%, UK - 38%, Japan - 23%, Russia - 6%, etc. The number of not-very-happy and not-happy-at-all students was by one more after the class. We don’t know and will never know what happened to that student during the class to make him/her feel unhappy after the class. We know, though, that he/she was very happy before the class.

Based on the data, gathered during our study we conclude that PE classes at college level sharply increase the students’ happiness level putting them at a much higher level than an average Chinese citizen, which will definitely positively affect their overall progress in studies and feeling of satisfaction in personal and social lives, 45.66% vs. 25%We also concluded that in spite of all efforts made to provide students with comfortable environment to study and live on campus, before PE class they feel less happy than an average Chinese citizen, 15% vs. 25%We are still unaware of any relationship between feeling of happiness and such factors as gender, major, PE class type, age, family background etc. 



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