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How I Quit Smoking Forever

How I Quit Smoking Forever

Disclaimer:This article is only for information purpose and it is not medical advice. Nicotine is powerful drug and you bear all responsibilities in using it or trying to stop its consumption.

How I Quit Smoking Tobacco Forever

I am not going to discuss the harm and dangers of smoking tobacco. If you are here reading this post, if you are a smoker and want to live a smoke-free life (or an ex- smoker who wants to stay as this forever), then go ahead, this information is for you. It will definitely help you find the best way to begin a new life without smoke.I have been a smoker for 30 years myself, have tried to quit smoking every single day since I started smoking and failed every time except for the last one.  I would like to briefly share my experiences about each of these methods and let you know what helped me stop inhaling burning tobacco.

1.Cold turkey
It may work for some, but it is extremely irritating, especially for the beginning period of a few weeks. Later you will feel you are missing something enormously important in your life, something absolutely necessary to continue to live and work happily. 

 2. Gradual decrease of the number of cigarettes smoked
I tried it twice; it is nothing more than trying to unsuccessfully cheat yourself. Never try it, it normally doesn't work. I don’t know anybody who quit smoking by this method. It will prolong your sufferings only. 

3. Hypnosis

 Great idea but not workable for a long term. I tried 4 different hypnotizers, their books and their recordings which I downloaded from the internet, in English language. These hypnosis programs do not exist in Chinese, as far as I know. They helped me somehow, but gradually their efficiency faded away. 

 4. Drugs
I have never tried any drug and I am not going to,considering all the alarming reviews from the users .

4. NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) 

I tried and I found one which worked marvels.

a. Nicotine patches
They helped me only with the craving but raised my blood pressure and didn't give me psychological satisfaction, so I discarded them as well.
b. Nicotine gums worked in the same way as patches.
c. Nicotine mouth spray
This one was better, gave me instant dose of nicotine. Disadvantage - plenty of saliva production and too expensive for a long term use.
5. Acupuncture
I have never tried this.

6. E-cigarettes

I tried this only once, and I became an ex-smoker forever.It has been 120 days since I tried an e-cigarette and now I hate the smell of tobacco. It addressed my needs to smoke both psychologically and physically. It is a life saver for millions! And it is very very easy to control the nicotine dosage. No bad smell, no thousands of harmful chemicals!
If you are in Zhengzhou now, don't waste your time trying to buy e-cigarettes in shops. They are normally not available, but you can find plenty of choices on Taobao online stores. 
A starter kit will provide you with everything necessary to give up smoking tobacco forever and start vaping anytime you feel craving and almost anywhere! There are currently no legal regulations for vaping.

It has been around 5 months since I quit smoking traditional cigarettes. I hoped the e-cigarettes vaping would substitute smoking and I could enjoy it for as long as I wanted. But I was wrong!
Electronic cigarettes do rise blood pressure with all its horrible consequences, e.g. elevated risk for heart attack, stroke etc.

Below you can see a screenshot from my blood pressure statistics from the last week. Every time I used this device, my blood pressure jumped. Lower values indicate my pressure before vaping, the higher ones indicate it just a few minutes after vaping. 

Systolic - 15 points on the average
Diastolic - 13 points on the average
Heart rate - 9 beats on the average
The verdict is; Electronic cigarettes cannot be safely used for a long term, they are not substitute for tobacco smoking, they can be only tobacco replacement therapy for a short term. It is as clear.



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